Are You A Woman Of Faith In Business?
Could You Benefit From Additional Support And Accountability?
"ACTIVATE has allowed me to connect with other women of color who understand the ups and downs of side hustles and share the knowledge I’ve been blessed to gain."
Azani Fitten
Career Uncaged
We Feel You Sis.
We know what it's like to try and stay on top of your professional and personal goals while consistently checking back in with God to ensure you're walking in your purpose...

and don't even mention a husband or kids. 

They still need you to be mom and wife no matter how long, deep or wide the items are on your to-do list. 

Just when it seems like you're starting to get a hold on things, a new challenge surfaces. 

You experience a health scare, a career change or an eviction notice. 

All at once you start to think to yourself "Is there something I missed?" 

If God really wants me to flourish in this area why haven't I seen any fruit yet? 

Before you know it you find yourself tempted to give up on the dream. Maybe your mom, or your sister or your aunt was right, maybe you need to be more realistic about where your life is heading.
But what if we told you weren't crazy?
What if we told you, you were built for this? 
What if we told you you were predestined to write the book, launch the podcast, start the business AND build relationships
What if we told you, your ideas or aspirations were never the problem? 
That what you needed was the right community? 
What would life look like if for the first time, instead of trying to water down your vision or ideas 
you were encouraged and empowered to walk into the fullness of who you are created to be?

Introducing ACTIVATE:

An online learning community for women of faith in business who need support and accountability to make consistent progress in the goals they've been setting. 

Here's Why Some Of Our Members Signed Up:

What's Included:

Monthly Workshops


Bible Studies

Private Facebook Group

Member Discounts 

Exclusive Member Freebies

Workshop Highlights:

Job Hunting with Joy Presented by Azani Fitten

Building a Story Brand 
Presented by Jessica Ayers

Setting Fulfilled Goals 
Presented by Michelle Lenae

10 Mistakes You're Making with Your Website
 Presented by Joshlyn Ross

How to Start Your Own Podcast 
Presented by Brieanna Lightfoot Smith

It's Time to Join the Community.
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Monthly membership
  • Monthly Workshops
  • Masterclasses
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Member Discounts
  • Member Freebies
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  • Monthly Workshops
  • Masterclasses
  • Private Facebook Group
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