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Women Are Saying...
"The course on podcasting was excellent! I am launching soon and she gave an amazing blueprint that details how to start, grow and monetize your podcast. They also highlighted some free resources that I plan to explore so that I can engage my audience and make sure that my content resonates with them. I recommend this for anyone who feels stuck on where to start or looking for new ideas to grow their current podcast. 10 out of 10."

- Joshlyn R., Houston, TX
Chief Strategist, Elevat8 Digital

The “How to Create An Online Course” course was a confirmation for me to teach what I know. In the past 7 days I have developed two online courses. This course gave me further insight on the different platforms I can use, how to engage my audience virtually and gave me additional confidence to continue developing my products based on the expertise I have.

- Bianca C., Chicago, IL
Founder, Behind the Confident Smile

I've made genuine and honest connections that have forced me to better my own business so that I could prepare for the influx of clientele! I was also able to meet like minds and develop relationships that have not only enhanced my own brand, but have enhanced me as a person.

- Maya J, Dallas, TX
Creative Director, Esque Creative

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